Moon Harbour Radio Show

hosted by Pure Ibiza Radio

Apart from live in the club, there is nowhere better to immerse yourself in the sounds of Moon Harbour than on their new weekly radio show on Pure Ibiza Radio.

It first started in 2010 and since then has been hosted by label manager and artist Dan Drastic, who has now helmed more than 100 episodes. The one hour show is an exclusive window into the label’s hottest current, and future, tracks, and often features special guest mixes from close friends and family.

Starting with half an hour of Dan making his always on point selections, the show is then handed over to a star-studded roster of international guests who offer their own personal favourites and latest creations. The likes of Sidney Charles, Timo Maas, Sven Tasnadi, wAFF and bossman Matthias Tanzmann have all features in the past and have always served up the sort of music that Moon Harbour is best known for.

The Leipzig label has been at the forefront of the tech house scene since inception in the year 2000 and has put out more than 100 releases including club-ready EPs, essential albums and trendsetting compilations. Over the years it has become a regular home for the likes of Ninetoes, Emanuel Satie, Sidney Charles, Dennis Cruz and Sven Tasnadi all while tapping up new school talents such as Huxley, Emery Warman and Detlef while Matthias Tanzmann, the ever in demand label boss, takes his unique sound to clubs and festivals all over the world.

Host Dan Drastic has been with the label since the start, serving up his slick productions both solo and in collaboration with the likes of Tasnadi and Luna City Express. This puts him in prime position to deliver the most comprehensive take on the Moon Harbour sound, and that is what he does each and every month. Moon Harbour Radio, then, is a definitive outlet for the day’s most essential tech house.

Moon Harbour Radio has gone out live on Pure Ibiza Radio every Friday from 9-10pm CET. You can tune in on Ibiza FM 97.2 and Mallorca FM 103.9, as well as online at, or catch up with any missed shows dating all the way back to the start at